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Help us to help you!
At Quambie Park we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of service possible for you and your family. Please help us to continually improve this service by providing us with feedback on your own personal experiences with our organisation.
Are we doing a good job?
Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to make sure that the people receiving our services are safe, comfortable and happy. If you or your family have received outstanding service from Quambie Park, please let us know so that we can acknowledge and reward our staff and volunteers. Kind words and complements go a long way towards showing appreciation for a job well done.
Do we need to improve?
Of course we do! We know that we are not perfect and that there is always room for improvement. We also know that mistakes and accidents do occur, despite everyone’s best efforts and intentions. If you need an issue resolved at Quambie Park, please don’t be shy about coming forward. You have our commitment that we will do everything we possibly can to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Tell us your feedback

  • Fill in the online form.
  • Verbally or in writing to any one of our staff.
  • Contact the manager of your service. Ask any of our staff for the contact details of the manager at your service.

Still not happy?

Don’t forget, you are perfectly in your right to contact:

1800 655 566

Aged Care Complaints Scheme
1800 550 552

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