Local People – Local Values

At Quambie Park we understand people. Our strong link to the coastal, agricultural and mining communities of regional Western Australia spans 30 years, and ensures our capacity to provide a respectful service to people living in these areas as they age.

Our Board of Governance; highly qualified clinical practioners; dedicated care staff; experienced Home Care team; and friendly hospitality staff are all local people committed to providing the highest levels of care for you or your family member.

Come and meet our fantastic team and find out how Quambie Park can help you.

Respect for Cultural and Spiritual Diversity

Quambie Park values and respects the diversity of people who come together to form our community. Please be reassured that we will support you in maintaining your customs, languages and beliefs. We are staffed by a culturally diverse workforce who strive to meet you needs using a culturally responsive care model.

Enjoy a regional lifestyle without compromising on care.

Quambie Park